Shipping Agents


Seacorp provides the full range of ship agency services at all Australian ports on behalf of voyage charterers, ship owners, exporters, importers and commodity traders. 

Seacorp's team of multi-skilled maritime and business professionals bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise to the role. From its highly experienced management team whom possess significant international shipping, marketing and trade experience across a variety of bulk commodities, to its marine team of Master Mariners and operations specialists, Seacorp's versatility and unique skill-sets of its personnel sets them apart from their competitors on all blue water related matters. 

As the exclusive Australian member for the Multiport Ship Agencies Network, the world's largest independent ship agency network, Seacorp is able to provide full coverage in over 114 countries and 1650 ports around the world. 

Our ship agency services are undertaken as per Seacorp's Standard Port Agency Terms and Conditions



Seacorp offers the most comprehensive protective ship agency service at all Chinese commercial bulk shipping ports. We negotiate the most competitive disbursement accounts and keep local agents on their toes to ensure a timely and orderly transfer of information to all relevant parties. We also manage the LOI process, if required, and ensure despatch/demurrage calculations are correct.

Our protective agency services are undertaken as per Seacorp's Standard Protective Agency Terms and Conditions.


Export Documentation

Seacorp manages and co-ordinates the complex responsibility of producing the full array of commercial shipping documents compliant to contractual and letter of credit requirements  to ensure our Principals receive prompt payment for their valuable cargo.